State's Healthcare Industry is Technologically On-Par with Nation

connectkentucky releases healthcare industry data

March 31, 2003

(FRANKFORT, KY) - The Governor's Office for the New Economy's connectkentucky initiative released research data today that reveals computer, Internet and website usage in Kentucky's healthcare community is on par with national averages.

"Advancing the use of information technology in the healthcare community saves our physicians money, saves the taxpayers money and enhances services to Kentucky's citizens," said Governor Paul Patton.

The connectkentucky Steering Committee, Co-Chaired by Mr. John Hall, retired Chairman & CEO of Ashland, Inc., and Dr. Bill Brundage, Commissioner of the Office for the New Economy, has recommended that Kentucky implement a multi-payer solution designed to reduce healthcare costs in Kentucky. A multi-payer solution reduces the processing of healthcare claims by providing physicians with one website for multi transactions regardless of the insurer.

Last month Humana, a member of the connectkentucky Steering Committee, received the AstraZeneca 2003 Partnership Award for Availity, L.L.C., an independent company formed as a joint venture with Navigy, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The award recognizes the nation's most successful and unique partnerships that exist within the health care industry, providing innovative ways of controlling spiraling health care costs while improving access and overall care.

"Availity has been successful because it removes administrative inefficiencies and costs and improves the experience of our providers and members in Florida," said Mr. Bruce Goodman, Humana's Chief Service & Information Officer. "Based on the data released today, Kentucky's healthcare community could clearly take advantage of the efficiencies that an Internet-based, multi-payer solution provides."

"I am proud to see Kentucky's companies on the leading edge in the implementation of innovative information technologies to reduce healthcare costs. Humana's recent national award for Availity demonstrates that Kentucky can compete in the New Economy," said Dr. Bill Brundage.

The connectkentucky partnership is coordinated by CITE, Inc., a Bowling Green based, not-for-profit, information technology consulting firm. For more information regarding connectkentucky, please visit
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March 31, 2003
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