The Advocate, Vol. 22, No. 2 (March 1999)

From the Editor 

Defender funding is the focus of a 20 member group of professionals who are as diverse as they are prestigious. They have agreed to look at de-fender funding needs and will receive the benefit of the nation's preeminent expert on indigent defense, Robert Spangenberg, as their consultant. We appreciate their willingness to address our defender needs. Public Advocate Ernie Lewis fills us in on their work in this issue. 

$183 per case and 100,790 cases are critical facts that mark Kentucky's current defender reality. These facts and the advances made towards a statewide full-time defender program are discussed in this issue by Public Advocate Ernie Lewis. 

Defender Revenue is falling substantially short of what is needed to continue the current services which are being provided to the courts. A modest increase in assessment and collection of the Public Advocate administrative fees would provide de-fenders and also clerks with much needed funding. 

Prerelease Probation practice is updated. This new sentencing feature of HB 455 is evolving based on the experience of judges, corrections, prosecutors and defenders. 

DPA's 27th Annual Conference is June 14-16, 1999 at the Executive Inn Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Phyllis Subin, public defender for the state of New Mexico will be a featured presenter. Mark it on your calendar and join us for the largest yearly gathering of criminal defense advocates. 

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