The Advocate, Vol. 22, No. 2  (March 1999)

Table of Contents
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From the Editor, Publication Statement and Contact Information 3
Defender Blue Ribbon Group - Ernie Lewis 4-5
Full-Time Defender System Advances - Ernie Lewis  6-8
DPA Revenue's Picture: More $ Needed - Ernie Lewis 9-11
Foster Sentenced to Life - Kevin McNally 11
Public Advocate Administrative Fee History 12-14
Public Protection & Regulation Cabinet Secretary Laura Douglas Resigns 14
District Court Column: Fines, Restitution, Recoupment -Ed Monahan & Jeff Sherr  15-18
Plain View - Ernie Lewis 19-22
Directed Verdict Standard - Susan Balliet 23-24
Supreme Court Rules Change 25-26
Balancing Quality Juvenile Services with Consistent Sanctions - Dennis Mahan 27-28
Book Review: Self-Defense - Virginia Bibb 28
West's Review - Julie Namkin 29-37
Prerelease Probation & Corrections' Regulations - Joe Myers  38-44
27th Annual Kentucky Public Defender Conference 44
Defender Employment Opportunities (This link is to current opportunities - for the original opportunites page please see our printed edition) **
Kentucky Drug Courts - Judge Mary Noble & Connie Reed 46-49
Defender Award Nominations Sought 50
Practice Tips  51
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