The Advocate, Vol. 19, No. 6 (November 1997)

Numerous judges expressed to Public Advocate, Ernie Lewis, at the October 1997 Judicial Conference in Bowling Green what a fine publication The Advocate is. One judge stated that he kept copies of The Advocate on the bench and referred to it often. Many judges observed that the only Fourth Amendment law that they ever see comes from The Advocate. We need to be reminded on occasion of the educational importance of The Advocate for not only defenders but the broader criminal justice community - including judges. Thanks to all who make The Advocate a vehicle of education and research!

Independence/Interdependence. An essential core value of DPA is the professional independence of its lawyers to represent clients not just vigorously but zealously. An emerging value of DPA is working interdependently in the criminal justice system to maximize the benefits for our clients. Larry Landis challenged us at the 1997 Annual Conference to begin thinking of this new paradigm of helping clients. We carry his remarks in this issue with reflections and reactions from others, Judge James Keller, Ernie Lewis, Bill Johnson, and John Leathers. We'd like to hear your thoughts.

KBA President. We are pleased to share with you the substantial thoughts of KBA President Bobby Elliott on the work we do.

Michael Folk joins The Advocate as our new associate editor for our district court column. He starts off with a call to learning about jury trials in district court.

In addition to our regular features, this issue looks at meaty issues of funding, working together, hate, truth and much more.

Edward C. Monahan, Editor

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