The Advocate, Vol. 19, No. 6 (November 1997)

Russian Attorneys Attend DPA's Death
Penalty Trial Practice Persuasion Institute

Two Russian attorneys travelled to America to attend DPA's week-long intensive Death Penalty Trial Practice Persuasion Institute at Faubush, Kentucky.

Natalia Pereverzeva and Larissa Youzkevitch's translated relfections from their attendance follows:

1) Why did you come to our Practice Institute?

In Russia, having a jury just started 4 years ago. Everything in a criminal trial is new. We came to America to study new ideas, receive American experience and study from this experience.

2) What have you most learned here?

It's most important how to select a jury and how to become persuasive.

3) What's most different with our criminal justice system compared to Russia's?

In Russian system you have stages of guilt. The judge decides punishment. It's not a jury decision. The jury's decision on guilt doesn't have to be unanimous, more than 50% is enough to decide. Client is in a locked cage with guard in the courtroom not at the table with lawyer. No one can talk to client unless jury is out of the room.

4. What needs to be added to program?

We wish to have education on representing co-defendants. It is a big problem in Russia.

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