The Advocate
Volume 22, No. 1, 
Jan. 2000

Table of Contents
(Page numbers included for benefit of users of paper edition)
Letters to the Editor, Publication Statement and Contact Information 3
DPA FY 99Annual Caseload 
Report is Released
- Ernie Lewis
Parole Eligibility: What does it really mean?
- Dave Norat
Defendersí Proposed Rule Changes
- Ernie Lewis
- Richard Hoffman
Practice Tips
- (collected by) Susan Jackson Balliet
Plain View / Short View
- Ernie Lewis
Gall Capital Case 
Heard Before 6th Circuit
Juvenile Executions Update
- from the Juvenile Justice Center
Cost, Deterrence, Incapacitation, 
Brutalization and the Death Penalty:
The Scientific Evidence
 - Gary W. Potter, PhD.
Incarceration and Parole of
Sex Offenders
Recruitment Efforts
 - Doug Howard
The Right to Present the Defense
 - Ed Monahan
The Public Value of Kentucky
 Public Defenders
Public Advocacy Seeks Nominations  34-35
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