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Creating a Vision for the Arts in Kentucky: A Long Range Plan for 2004 - 2008
Arts Council Delivers Long Range Plan to Kentucky
After many months of collecting thoughts, ideas and opinion from Kentuckians across the Commonwealth, the Arts Council has distilled all of the information into a concise plan for the future of the arts in Kentucky. "We took a new approach to planning this go-round," says Gerri Combs, executive director of the Arts Council. "We used what we have learned from our work with Wallace-Reader’s Digest Funds in building participation. This model has been very effective in rendering a plan that is inclusive of all kinds of interests and relevant to the challenging times ahead of us in the arts community."

Although the Arts Council will develop a working document specifically for the work of the Arts Council, Creating a Vision for the Future of the Arts in Kentucky: Long Range Plan 2004-2008 is actually a plan for all of Kentucky. The plan will be available in print version by mid-July (the beginning of FY 2004) and copies will be sent to all that participated in shaping the plan. To access the plan now, you can click on the link above or go to the Arts Council’s Web site at and click on the Long Range Plan button at the bottom of the front page. It carefully aligns with the strategic planning of other state government agencies that affect our work and accurately reflects the actions that will need to be taken to meet the desired outcomes gathered from public input.

The plan redefines the arts in ways that include both the formal arts and the informal arts. It recognizes participation as being broader than creating or being an audience. Essentially the plan is a matrix that validates the mission and goals of the Arts Council as appropriate for the arts in Kentucky (whether state supported or not) and intersects those goals with common themes, which emerged from the advice given by the public through meetings, surveys, interviews, etc.

1. Education in the arts is provided.
2. There is efficient statewide delivery of arts programs and services.
3. Artists live and work in a supportive environment.
4. The role of the arts in society is valued as basic to life.
5. Public policy is favorable to the arts in Kentucky.

1. Partnerships and collaborations increase the effectiveness of endeavors and make the best use of valuable and often limited resources.
2. Increased participation is at the core of survival for the arts in Kentucky.
3. Action at the local level is crucial to building a thriving arts environment with community-wide benefit.
4. Communication is as vital to promoting the arts and marketing the arts as it is to building organizational capacity, supporting partnerships, and increasing participation.

At the end of the plan is a listing of all those that contributed to the plan. If you had a voice in the plan and the organization you are affiliated with is not included, please let us know and we will gladly add the acknowledgment.